Who are we?

ADAX Tecna is a company dedicated to the field of power electronics and complementary services; it was founded in 1976 and has as its main abjective the design, development and manufacturing of a wide variety of devices and electronic systems for the provision of emergency, wind and solar power.

  • Since 1976, we designed, manufactured, installed and/or commercialized more than 900 projects of all kind size, power, etc. We believe that this recognition from our customers is because in addition to a vast experience in our field, we produce highly reliable and durable systems.

    Our customers know that our solutions are made according to their specifications, so that any item on its operations, expansion or start-up, is completely covered by the technical support we provide.

    In short, our experience, commitment and dedication to providing the best equipment and service available, make ADAX Tecna a high quality and reliable choice in the realization of your projects in the emergency power field.

    Our company is based on:

  • Representation of prestigious foreign companies with whom we share technology and do joint ventures with the aim of producing a complement of the latest advances in technology with local manufactured equipment and professional staff.

  • We produce, with own developments, equipment and systems in the Power electronic field; the result of studies and research we have developed over our existence, which has allowed us to be in the market with our own products, being the Key elements listed below:

    U.P.S. Single-phase and three phase from 0.5 KVA to 500 KVA.

    Rectifiers / Automatic Battery Chargers.

    Power Plants with Switching Technology.

    Power Supplies / Low Capacity Switching Battery Chargers.

    Energy Centrals for repeater stations.

    Energy Saving Systems for Street Lightning.

    Alkaline Batteries of various technologies.

    Acid Batteries of various technologies.

    Converters/Static Converters.

    Complete Solar and Wind Energy Systems.

    Engineering Services, Getting Started, Predictive Maintenance and Testing.

  • Service: Our Motto.

  • Our Commitment: It starts with the delivery of our products.

  • The Customer Satisfaction: Our Goal.

  • Our Tools: Trained staff to advise and care, 30 years of experience and remaining on the market, and the infrastructure needed to provide our customers with SOLUTIONS.